The Right Video. The Right Purpose

Video production shouldn't be a mystery – like the great and powerful Oz behind the curtain.

I believe the more informed you are, the better I can help you. Below, I have listed the main types of videos that are most effective.

There are many different ways of producing these videos, which we can discuss.

Keep checking back for more tips and strategies to help you make more effective video.

The Identity Video


simple production style

priced from $1,000

first impression with customers



This is the most important video you can have and it's where every business should start. The video on my home page is a basic example of the Identity Video.


The Identity Video tells your customers who you are and what you're about. It's your first impression. With the Identity Video, your customers get to see how passionate you are about providing great products, great service and a great experience. It can be very simple  –  just you or your staff talking on camera. From there, you can show people your facilities and your products.


It is most effective when placed on your home page. It should be the first thing visitors see. Work with your web designer to make sure this video is front and centre.


Here are some great examples of the Identity Video.


Normandeau Window Coverings

The Camera Store

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Rainbow Riggers

The Testimonial Video


simple production style

effective when done correctly

great way to engage customers


One of the best ways to identify your company is to let your customers do it for you. Securing an on-camera testimonial is one of the best ways to gain credibility with new customers. Another benefit is that it can also work to reinforce an existing relationship with the customer who grants the testimonial.


Like the identity video, the production doesn't have to be complex, but it needs to look good. After all, you're putting your customer on camera. Professional lighting and TV make-up are absolute must-haves.


The Testimonial Video can be augmented with cover footage of your business or even the customer using the products or service. Here, the extra production is definitely worth it.


Here's a strong, effective testimonial video.


Agrawal Associates Private Wealth Management

SAIT 100th Anniversary Magazine



The Demonstration Video


more complex production

effective at showing process

familiarizes customers

with product or service


Sometimes, it's easier to show someone how a product works than to tell them. The Demonstration Video gives clear, step-by-step instructions, so they don't miss a turn.


Use the video internally, for your staff, or externally for your customers. It takes a bit more planning than other videos because the process needs to be broken down, step by step.


The Camera Store has great examples of Demonstration Videos.

The Training Video


shows staff how to do things

more engaging than print

most effective learning tool


Let's be honest here. The reason most companies hand staff a printed training manual is because it's easier than making a video. But, factor in that 33% of Canadians have trouble reading, where virtually everyone can watch a video and understand the images. Now, how effective is print?


The Training Video can be viewed by new staff anywhere, freeing you to accomplish other tasks. Training videos are most effective where a set of procedures is repeated on a regular basis and the material isn't likely to change.


I like this video as an example of a training video. It's simple, fun and it shows you how to properly wash your hands.

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The Right Video. The Right Purpose

The Right Video.

The Right Purpose.